MODLR Cloud is a complete analytics development and presentation environment.

Move from MS Excel Spreadsheets to a connected platform. Automate Sales, Operations and Financial Modelling and Reporting all on one easy to use platform.

The MODLR engine running at the heart of each cloud instance is the culmination of years of research and development on specialized data holding, manipulation, indexing and processing algorithms from leading experts in the data analytics community.

The platform has been developed to specialize in in-memory data analytics focusing on the delivery of highly collaborative planning environments and lever based business models.

Both the price point and the user experience enables MODLR to lead the customer businesses on a journey to increased adoptions of complete and highly commercial business solutions such as Customer Profitability Models, Pricing & Commercial Tools and Corporate Planning & Performance Models.

Empower your business to behave more commercially

From sales negotiations to financial and operational analytics - Empower the business by giving them the right information, in the right format at the right time.

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Replace manual processes with Apps

Deploy tailored analytical applications within your business to help embed commercial practices and processes. Give your managers the big picture with drill-down to the detail so they are empowered to do a better job.

Collaborate anywhere, anytime

Securely access applications anywhere at anytime on any device. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

Complex Modelling made easy

Defeat the limitations of single-user and row count limited workbook environments with our highly scalable real-time modelling and collaboration environment.

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Pricing and Licensing

MODLR Cloud licensing is simple and transparent. There are two user roles:

Our cloud pricing is based on the number of Modeller Users + the number of Collaborator Users + the number and size of your Cloud Instances (billed monthly on daily utilization).

MODLR Instance

Memory AU and NZ Cloud
Cost per Month
EU, USA and UK Cloud
Cost per Month
4GB $250.00 $60.00
8GB $450.00 $150.00
16GB $600.00 $350.00
32GB $1000.00 $800.00
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Per Named User Pricing

User Role Description Cost per Month
Modeller Model developer and administrator $100.00
Collaborator End user of models, reports and applicaions $30.00
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Technical Specifications

The MODLR cloud is supported on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Other commonly used browsers will work but are unsupported.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

MODLR Cloud Screenshots