MODLR Miko is a flow based data blending environment which is freely available to the general public for desktop use.

Miko delivers a complete range of data preparation and blending functions with an intuitive data stream interface – no programming required, no SQL required.

External Database Sync

Synchronize internal tables with their equivalent table within an external databases, eliminating the hassle of versioning and control.

Import Raw Data Files

Import data files into your data stream ready for transformations

Daisy Chain Modelling

Daisy chain common data preparation tasks – Data Blending, Aggregations, Filters etc

Allocations Engine

Perform fully absorbed allocations as part of the data stream within a single node

Push to External Database

Push results into external database environments or the MODLR Cloud for Modelling and Reporting

Daisy Chain Data Modelling

Miko enables data analysts to quickly slice, dice and pivot large data-sets without the need to learn SQL or any proprietary query languages.

MS Excel style Functions

MID, LEN and CLEAN your way to better data quality using the functions you have grown used to from the most common Spreadsheet environment around.

Miko Desktop License

Free Forever

  1. Server or Desktop environment
  2. Connect to any JDBC compliant data source
  3. Perform cost allocations and business modelling
  4. Data preparation for Data Warehousing
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Miko Automation License

Miko will do the work for you.

  1. $40,000 USD
  2. Server or Desktop environment
  3. Price is independent of server architecture, number of CPU cores or available Memory
  4. Annual support maintenance at 20% ($8,000 USD) per annum
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Dedicated Support

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  1. We are happy to tailor support solutions as needed please reach out to us and we’ll see how we can best help you.
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Technical Specifications

MODLR Miko runs on all major operating systems and requires the Java 8 Runtime Environment (JRE). If you are connecting to cloud databases please ensure that you use the relevant settings to encrypt the connection and data flow to your database.

Miko Desktop Screenshots