Discover the latest 2021 Q3 new product features

29th Sep, 2021

In this Webinar, hosted by Susan Doan from Servitium, a MODLR Partner, you'll witness what's in store for the latest Cloud Update from Ben Hill, MODLR Founder, and:

  • Discover how MODLR's new report type, Cards, gives you the flexibility to design and customise your dashboards just the way you want.
  • See how the new Application Menu Editor gives you free rein over your Menu's content, structure and design - all with no code.
  • Learn how MODLR's new Migration Packaging simplifies content transfer, from transferring entire models to individual model components, such as tables and processes.
  • Discover the new Front-end Branding capabilities to make an application feel like your own.
  • Hear how with MODLR's new formula function "HASSTATICVALUE", you can override calculated values with manual inputs, enabling you to create simpler planning templates.