Annual Budgeting

Maximise efficient collaboration between all parties and empower your managers, with real-time multi-user budgeting

Ensure a Successful Budgeting Cycle

Modern businesses need guidelines and systems of how to effectively manage their funds as the market is constantly changing. Annual budgeting gives businesses the necessary stability to plan and structure their funds leveraging the maximum effectiveness of decisions. Key aspects of a successful budgeting process and the subsequent accuracy of budgets include:

  • Requiring business line managers to populate planning templates with their planned spend and revenue targets.
  • Efficiently managing a business’s available funds while preparing for contingencies.
  • Stabilising plans within a business with prepared budgets and allocated funds.
  • Utilising resources effectively and consider what strategies and plans can be implemented within your business’s means.
  • Keeping a continual record of your business position that can be referred to and analysed in future years.
  • Feeling secure about your business’s financial position and build efficient decisions around it.
  • Incorporating multiple rounds of review on a bottom-up budget allocation and include top-down feedback and direction in alignment with management strategy.

The above budgeting processes using traditional spreadsheet software at a corporate scale is fraught with perils, from version control to calculation and consistency issues. Moving to a cloud-based planning platform ensures budgeting cycles run smoothly and budgets remain reliable and accurate, year after year.

Start Producing Accurate, Reliable Budgets in MODLR

Excel & ERP Integration

By connecting our enterprise modelling software with Excel Workbooks and any ERP, MODLR creates a scalable and fully collaborative planning environment.

Budget Workflow Overview

Embedded workflow reports provide an understanding of the progress of the planning process, and who is causing any delays.

United Platform for Planning

Collaborate with users in real-time to edit and fix budgets without the hassle of manual distribution. Unnecessary delays are avoided, and budgets are always up-to-date.

Connected Budgeting Cycles

The methodology of creating budgets, and algorithms will be the same across the entire company, simplifying the budgeting cycle.

Accurate & Reliable Budgets

With real-time calculations, connected updates across strategies and plans, budgets will be thoroughly revised, staying accurate and reliable.

Aligns Plans with Strategy

Interconnection of budgets with strategic information and plans allows for agile and informed decision making for businesses.

The MODLR Way to Manage Budgeting Cycles

Use MODLR archive function to store budgets & compare with actuals Compare to actuals Confirm budgets for use of all areas of the business Confirm budget Update budget based on feedback Update budget Review by upper management (possible iterations) Review budget Collaboratively input the details required for forecast Input details Select the style of forecasting (prior year trend, etc) Select style Automatically import your historical spend from ERP Import spend

ERP Integration

Connect to your ERP to automatically pull the most recent actuals

Excel Integration

Plan and Report on MODLR models from within Excel Workbooks.


View Audit reporting of who changed what, and when

Variance Analysis

Collect commentary on variances between actuals, budgets and forecasts

Globally Apply Logic

Apply business logic across models globally, not in fits and starts across specific cells in certain spreadsheets

Notification Support

Send emails or SMS alerts when submissions are made to the budget

Driver-based Planning

Quantify the financial impact of your changing operational drivers

Flexible Budgeting

MODLR can adapt to different types of budgeting styles and methods, such as zero-based budgeting

Annual budgeting phasing drivers

Phasing Drivers

Budget flexibly and budget the way you want to with MODLR's customised phasing drivers. Pull trends from other areas of a model, use prior-year trends, phase out yearly targets or just enter numbers manually. With MODLR you don't have to choose one system for all your accounts - you pick the one that works the best.

Drill-down Functionality

View your reports and the consolidated higher level before drilling down into the numbers to investigate any peculiarities. All values automatically consolidate along their dimensions for quick and simple summaries of large sets of data.

Annual Budgeting: Drill-down functionality
Annual Budgeting: Manipulate Reports

Manipulate Reports

Stack Dimensions on rows or columns and easily choose the right area of the business with simple selectables. Avoid spending your time trawling through massive spreadsheets and go straight to the numbers you want to see.


Build a Revenue Planning model

Watch MODLR’s tutorial on how to build a price, discount, and volume planning workview; as well as master dimensions, cubes, and processes in the MODLR cloud.