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Modeller CPM Cloud

MODLR helps you track business performance, plan to your next horizon and execute flawlessly.

A Powerful Business Modelling Environment

Model Business Financials, overlay multiple scenarios and perform in-depth analysis once, then review on-demand as needed.

A Collaborative Budgeting Platform

Collaborate on Corporate Budgets and Forecasts involving all stakeholders to manage and estimate their targets and expenditure via workflow

A Flexible Corporate Reporting Solution

Produce insightful profitability reporting and consolidated reporting for anyone, anywhere at any time, all aggregated in real time.

Move from Spreadsheets to a connected cloud model. Automate Sales, Operations and Financial Reporting and Planning all on one easy to use platform.

The MODLR engine running at the heart of each cloud instance is the culmination of years of research and development on specialized data holding, manipulation, indexing and processing algorithms from leading experts in the data analytics community.

The platform has been developed to specialize in in-memory data analytics focusing on the delivery of highly collaborative planning environments and lever based business models.

MODLR is transforming the way companies create and use insights to improve profitability and performance.

Empower your business to behave more commercially

From sales negotiations to financial and operational analytics - Empower the business by giving them the right information, in the right format at the right time.

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