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Licencing plans and included features

Licencing plans and included features

Can I receive more information your services without committing to a purchase?


We understand that the process of evaluating needs against a potential software platform can be multi-faceted and complex. We will do whatever we can to assist to inform you on what our platform can and cannot do.

You can ask us a question here and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

How can we send you our Request for Proposal?

We have a RFP submission form here which will store and send the RFP to the appropriate people on our team.

We will send through a confirmation email when it arrives.

Can we enter into a Confidentiality Agreement prior to discussing our needs?

Yes. You can contact us here and we will have the right person in our legal team contact you.

Can I have my Budget Managers across the country login and contribute to a plan?


MODLR is a cloud platform which can handle thousands of concurrent planners each contributing to one or many scenarios. MODLR will also consolidate these plans based on business hierarchies defined by your business.

Can MODLR produce my Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reporting?


  • MODLR can generate Excel Workbooks.
  • MODLR can email Excel Reports to users.
  • MODLR can provide an online web portal where users can view and download reports.

Can I develop my own Budgeting Application for my Company?

Yes. We intend for MODLR to be easy to use to develop Business Models.

It is for this reason that we have created a Video Tutorial Series for building a Corporate Planning Model.

You can view all videos in this series here.

You can also ask us a question here and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Does MODLR integrate with my Enterprise Reporting and Planning (ERP) System?

Definitely, Planning and Reporting applications which import historic actuals deliver much more value to our customers. We strongly encourage this integration.

Technically speaking there are a number of options for integrating with ERP solutions. The following are the primarily used methods:

  • Inbound - MODLR pulls data from your services
    • JDBC Connection to the ERP Database or a Data Warehouse
    • MODLR processes can access RESTful API's via its HTTP Library
  • Outbound - Your services push data to MODLR
    • Scheduled replication of data from an internal database into the MODLR internal datastore
    • FTPS File Transfer of CSV, TSV or TXT files to the MODLR Instance

Does MODLR offer an on-premise version?

Yes. MODLR has both cloud and on-premise options available.

Does MODLR integrate with MS Excel?

Yes. MODLR has an Excel Add-in which supports authoring and refreshing reports as well as writing-back into the underlying Model.

What front-end options are available to us?

MODLR has three primary front-ends for developing and using models.

  • MODLR Cloud Gateway - This is the gateway for MODLR cloud instances.
  • MODLR for Excel - This is our MS Excel add-in. This works with both on-premise and cloud instances.
  • MODLR Desktop - This is our desktop tool for developing models. This works with both on-premise and cloud instances.

What technology does the MODLR application server run on?

The MODLR engine has been developed in Java and can run on most modern Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac.

It supports both x86 and x64 CPUs and is limited only by the amount of memory made available to the JVM.

If I use the MODLR on-premise, how do I build my models?

MODLR has a desktop development tool called MODLR-Desktop which provides the same functionality as the cloud gateway. This software can also be used with instances of MODLR which are running in the cloud.

Does MODLR have an API?

MODLR has a HTTP API which serves five endpoints representing 100% of the available functionality in MODLR. JSON is used for posting data and receiving data from these endpoints.

  • /api.service - Single Purpose. Provides a list of available API functions including their parameters and a description of the method.
  • /server.service - Methods relating to the configuration and management of the application server.
  • /datasource.service - Methods relating to the creation and manipulation of datasources available to the application server.
  • /model.service - Methods relating to the creation and manipulation of models within the application server.
  • /collaborator.service - Methods available to the collaborator users (end-users) of MODLR.

All endpoints are available to Modeller users. Collaborator users can only access the Collaborator service access to objects via the collaborator service adhere to the security applied to applications within the application server.

More information is available in our technical documentation. To get a copy of this please contact us using this form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

What kinds of user licences are available?

MODLR has two kinds of user licences:

  • Modellers - Has full access to all functionality. Modellers can build models, reports and applications.
  • Collaborators - Can use applications which consist of webpages, reports and dashboards developed by Modellers.

How much do the various user licenses cost?

The user licence pricing is as follows for MODLR:

  • Modeller user licences are A$100 per month. The first user licence is free.
  • Collaborator user licences are A$30 per month.

These prices are GST exclusive.

What is the minimum I must pay to use MODLR?

MODLR pricing allows one free Modeller user account and provides a free MODLR instance with up to 1GB of memory.

This will allow a users to begin developing a solution however for complex modelling it is likely that a larger instance is required. Instances can be resized on demand.

What is an example bill for a small customer?

In a common scenario a customer could develop a small model for corporate planning. This would have the following line-items on their bill:

  • 2 Modeller user licences.
  • 10 Collaborator user licences.
  • A production MODLR instance with 8GB of memory.
  • A development MODLR instance with 8GB of memory.

The pricing for this would be A$770 per month excl GST.

Does MODLR offer a concurrent user license option?

No. MODLR licencing requires named users only.

Frequently Asked Questions

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