Management Reporting

Conduct effective decision implementation with a deep understanding of financial drivers

Key to Successful Management Reporting

Understanding the internal financial strengths and weaknesses of your own business is crucial to strategise the best decisions of growth. Management reporting segments important business information and allows insight and analysis into the drivers within your business. By utilising management reporting companies have a greater understanding of information such as profit and loss categorised by departments, teams, and jobs, realisation rates of clients, and utilisation rates. This is particularly useful for the executive level as they are getting relevant details that help drive strategic decision making and plans for the future.

  • Insight into the weaknesses and strengths using the business’s current financial position.
  • Segments financial areas of business around driver-focused analysis, giving executives prompt access to relevant decision making information.
  • Allows for more effective strategic decisions and plans to be drafted and implemented.
  • A deeper level of understanding into drivers such as profit and loss sectioned by departments, teams, and jobs, client realisation rates, and utilisation rates.

The above management reporting processes using traditional spreadsheet software face numerous software limitations. Moving to a cloud-based planning platform ensures financial reports are cut in half and stay accurate.

Gain Accurate Business Insights, Faster with MODLR

Integrated Platform that Fosters Collaboration

Access a shared platform of planning with real-time distribution of updates and changes to plans and reports, and direct communication to all users on the company platform through email or SMS messaging.

Adaptability from Traditional Planning

Easily adapt in Excel spreadsheets and utilise Microsoft office add-ins, with the ability to connect your ERP system for greater cohesion of data

Customisable and Friendly User Interfaces

Create user-tailored interfaces, and adjust them according to users’ roles and preferences. With intuitive formulas, text functions and further versatility; change how and what information is presented, ensuring no vital insights are missed.

Comparative Scenario Analysis

Render multiple modellings of different scenarios with enhanced charting visualisations that permit quick and effective analysis, added visuals, and adjustable drivers.

Formatting and Design Features

Utilise a range of ways to present charts, data, grids and models: re-order dimensions of POV and methodologies of modelling, resize graphs with guideline measures, and source charts and models from embedded grids and data.

The MODLR Way to Streamline Reporting

Export reports into Excel or PDF format for external use Export Reports Use MODLR’s industry- leading dashboarding system to visualise performance View Dashboard Management inputs targets and budgets for comparison Input targets and budgets Watch MODLR consolidate this data in real-time MODLR consolidates data Any number of ‘planners’ manually input productivity information Input Information Use MODLR’s ETL engine to automatically import external data in MODLR Import data

ERP Integration

Connect to your ERP to automatically pull the most recent actuals

Excel Integration

Plan and Report on MODLR models from within Excel Workbooks.

CRM Integration

Connect to your CRM to automatically pull the most recent pipeline activity


View Audit reporting of who changed what, and when

Globally Apply Logic

Apply business logic across models globally, not in fits and starts across specific cells in certain spreadsheets

Automated backups

Your information is safe and secure, no corrupt Excel workbooks or cell formula errors

Access anytime, anywhere

Access MODLR on the cloud to work when you and your team needs to

Real-time Updates

Consolidate the plan in real time across entities and business units

Integrate MODLR's management reporting solution with your ERP

Live ERP Connection

MODLR is an open free-form modelling environment which allows your users to model any aspect of the business. When an area of business operations requires additional calculations and business logic, modelling users can create new bespoke models which they can feed into existing models.

Excel Integration

By combining enterprise modelling software with Excel Workbooks, MODLR provides a scalable and fully featured collaborative planning environment. See below for an outline of how to get started quickly in developing your reporting and planning solution.

Integrate MODLR's management reporting solution with Excel

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