The Corporate Performance Cloud

MODLR is business modelling and collaborative planning software that provides everything needed to enable a connected financial planning process.

What is MODLR?

Traditional financial and operational planning is too disconnected, overly complicated and far too manual for growing businesses. For efficient and effective planning, you need a solution that's easy, powerful, and fast.

A Powerful Business Modelling Platform
A Powerful Business Modelling Platform

Model Business Financials and Operations, overlay and compare multiple scenarios and perform in-depth analysis once, then review on-demand as needed.

A Collaborative Planning Platform
A Collaborative Planning Platform

Collaborate on Corporate Budgets and Forecasts involving all stakeholders to manage and estimate their targets and plans via workflow.

A Dynamic Corporate Reporting Solution
A Dynamic Corporate Reporting Solution

Produce insightful profitability reporting and consolidated reporting for anyone, anywhere at any time, all aggregated in real time.


By taking your existing models and porting them to our platform you gain the following benefits

Collaborate Effectively

In MS Excel you can only have one person in a workbook at a time, in MODLR you can have 1000's of users working concurrently on business models.

Utilise Securely

No more flimsy worksheet passwords, secure your management strategy by employee role or function, ensuring no information is leaked across the business.

Model Accurately

Avoid common pitfalls in spreadsheet based business logic by ensuring formulas are consistent across models.


From your standard month end to highly complex What-If analysis - MODLR has you covered.


MODLR's flexibility and customer-specific solutions have resulted in our systems being used in companies across many industries.

Our Customer Focus

Our technology shapes itself to the business structures and processes of our customers, and so a customer first focus is part of our vision and DNA.

Bob Black
COO at Australia Post

“At StarTrack we used MODLR to manage and deliver $120m of Cost and Revenue initiatives. The solution proved invaluable in allowing managers to perform and consolidate their financial analysis and provide weekly updates on progress and performance.”

James Dunstan
CFO at CBH Resources

“The MODLR implementation has resulted in more robust and accessible management information and has been integral in achieving improved efficiency across the finance function.”

Jared Hilliers
Director at Greenhill Games

“MODLR provides us with a single place to review the financial and operational performance of all of our games. It integrates with each of our databases to import sales, visitor statistics and operational performance indicators.”