Discover the latest MODLR Cloud features

Learn what’s new in MODLR’s 2021 Q3 Product Release, from new dashboarding capabilities to new packaging features and more.

Dashboarding Cards

Customise your visualisations the way you want with Cards

Cards let you customise every element of your dashboards, from chart type, data labels, axis configuration, colour themes, size and layouts of reports and number formatting.

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Simplify your menu system with a no-code setup

Create and customise your application’s menu structure just the way you want with click-and-add and drag-and-drop functionality.

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Annual Budgeting: Drill-down functionality
Migration packaging

Simplify model migrations with Packaging Functionality

The new packaging features allows you to migrate entire models or individual components from a model, such as processes or tables, to another model or server - streamlining content transfers.

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Feel at home with your branded login page

Jump into your customer-branded login to feel at home whilst your planning and analysing.

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Branded front-end
Override calculated cells

Manually input data to override calculated cells

Gain the flexibility to override calculated values with manual data inputs, enabling you to create simpler planning templates.

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