Bridge conscientious plans with ease between the project site and office management

The construction industry is built upon planning and adaptation to ensure a project's success. For managers to compete with the emerging international companies who can provide cheaper labour and resource costs, efficient time and supply management is key. A common problem plaguing the efficiency around construction planning is the issue of micro-logistics around recalculating, adapting and reporting of new plans and scenarios by management. Ensuring that this process is timely, efficient and simple can greatly improve a project’s chances of success, and this is where MODLR can help.

MODLR provides a software platform that allows managers to simplify and streamline information around any changes to projects with real time reporting and planning. This means that any new details, changes to plans around construction, or updates around pricing increases can be communicated by respective managers and be directly relayed to all the end-users involved. Cumbersome processes can be made efficient and effective; sparing time for all parties and making your company more competitive.

See the various solutions MODLR can provide to your company below.

Modelling Opportunities

Highlighted to the right are a range of benefits MODLR offers that can help your industry consistently meet business targets and objectives.

  1. Build wholistic bids and tenders which include full costing detail to allow the modeling of different project start date scenarios
  2. Calculate and report on Project Manager commissions and remunerations
  3. Report in near real-time on construction projects
  4. Project headcount planning and management


These MODLR solutions below can be specifically adopted within your industry. Alternatively, MODLR can uniquely tailor solutions for your company. Contact us now to discuss the opportunities MODLR can give you.