Connect upper-management and the shop floor to maximise strategic input and profit

Manufacturing is a cornerstone industry that provides literal structure and products essential to day to day living. However, with the emergence of evolving consumer tastes and e-commerce product performance and manufacturing are put to higher international standards of quality and expectations. Complexities around changing trade regulations and sourcing availability, along with changing logistical processes can make supply chain management difficult for the Manufacturing industry. MODLR is here to simplify these complexities and allow Manufacturing companies to achieve their optimal growth with greater efficiency and control in their hands.

MODLR will greatly assist those involved in the Manufacturing industry through providing a streamlined,

integrated, real-time reporting platform. Competitive advantages can be obtained as managers in the industry of all different branches are able to better plan and collaborate on one unified platform. This allows greater efficiency in tracking: revenue based on individual products, programs and customers, information around sales, production, financials and related targets, the efficiency of the company’s trade stock and the channels utilized, forecast trends, channel promotion, forecast demand planning and much more. MODLR will unite all these processes into one clear and easy to use platform allowing companies greater chances at longevity and success.

See the various solutions MODLR can provide to your company below.

Modelling Opportunities

Highlighted to the right are a range of benefits MODLR offers that can help your industry consistently meet business targets and objectives.

  1. Report and plan stock levels by warehouse and station.
  2. Customer pricing audit, analysis and benchmarking.
  3. Profitability by product, site and station through allocation of cost pools across activity drivers.


These MODLR solutions below can be specifically adopted within your industry. Alternatively, MODLR can uniquely tailor solutions for your company. Contact us now to discuss the opportunities MODLR can give you.