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Connect multi-stream information to allow effective resource management

CPM Software for Mining & Resources

The mining and resource industry is facing constant new challenges in the ever-transforming geopolitical climate. Issues such as global warming, and sustainability have flared up the need for energy diversification, cleaner and greener options for consumers and stricter processes and procedures around mining and energy. As a result, companies in this industry must have efficiency with their resources and capital and must have an integrated, effective and efficient planning process to succeed. MODLR can provide such integration, effectiveness and efficiency within the supply chain of upstream, midstream, downstream and service partners by connecting them all together in a simple and streamlined, real-time reporting service.

MODLR can help companies in this field garner and maintain competitive advantages. The integrated nature of MODLR’s real-time and streamlined reporting service will make sure all parties are continually up to date on the latest details and can make informed decisions based on them. MODLR’s reporting capabilities provides easy tracking of previous and current trends around resources. This makes forecasting around metrics, KPI’s and future solutions all the simpler and will fast-forward decision making between all connected parties, making navigation around the geopolitical fields far more manageable.

FP&A software for mining and resources

Modelling Opportunities

  1. Mine life and asset valuation calculations.
  2. Short form interval reporting and control.
  3. Value driver modelling to stream line operations across sites.
  4. Calculate deferred mining charges.

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From your standard month end to highly complex what-If analysis - MODLR has you covered.

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