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Corporate Performance Software for Venture Capital

The Technology industry is a pioneering and cornerstone force in the world. Technology is constantly evolving and capable of greater capacities every day. The accelerated nature of this growth means that there is a plethora of different competitors and opportunities available that require great amounts of planning and communication to navigate. MODLR can help ensure that the Technology industry simplify and manage the accelerant nature of their industry and to properly capitalize on these opportunities that evoke growth.

MODLR offers a synchronized reporting platform that all end-users can immediately update and be aware of any new changes surrounding their business. Start-Ups can input financial, operating, and management information, along with trends that affect their businesses and urgent updates, that will immediately be available to all relevant users. This ensures the necessary agility for Start-Up’s to strategize and make optimal business decisions regarding their company. Essentially MODLR’s reporting platform will help Start-Up’s to not only succeed and adapt within a volatile market, but to thrive.

FP&A software for venture capital

Modelling Opportunities

  1. Business case and model validation.
  2. Multi-scenario what-if analysis across business plans to model adverse circumstances.
  3. Business fixed cost auditing against benchmarks for a portfolio.
  4. Understand the impact of employee remuneration, benefits their ratios per head and FTE to financials.

MODLR's Solutions

From your standard month end to highly complex what-If analysis - MODLR has you covered.

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