Accessible from anywhere, simple to use, our modelling and reporting platform empowers you and your team to set your goals and execute better than ever.

The Corporate Performance Cloud

A Powerful Business Modelling Platform
A Powerful Business Modelling Platform

Model Business Financials and Operations, overlay and compare multiple scenarios and perform in-depth analysis once, then review on-demand as needed.

A Collaborative Planning Platform
A Collaborative Planning Platform

Collaborate on Corporate Budgets and Forecasts involving all stakeholders to manage and estimate their targets and plans via workflow.

A Dynamic Corporate Reporting Solution
A Dynamic Corporate Reporting Solution

Produce insightful profitability reporting and consolidated reporting for anyone, anywhere at any time, all aggregated in real time.

A powerful ETL Engine
A powerful ETL Engine

Bring data together from any number of source systems including external databases and other cloud platforms in a structured and scheduled fashion.

A Multidimensional Data Engine
A Multidimensional Data Engine

Slice and Dice datasets into stunning online reports with the pivot-table interface. Report on an unlimited number of dimensions.

The D3 Visualisation Engine
The D3 Visualisation Engine

The world's leading visualisation engine is used for both our standard visualisation and for extending MODLR with your custom visualisation.


Creating financial models typically requires collaboration between multiple people. This can mean:

  • Constant back-tracking
  • Manual re-distribution of data and files.
  • Issues involving data integrity
  • Inaccurate reporting
  • Confusion of the latest versions and developments

The corporate performance cloud

MODLR transforms the financial planning of organizations worldwide with connected planning. Gain agility to efficiently analyse and implement plans by cutting out the unnecessary backtracking from:

  • Budgets and Expense plans
  • Balance Sheets
  • Headcount Analysis
  • Rolling Forecasts


Unite planning across all departments in your company to achieve exceptional collaboration, streamlined data, and greater insights.

Up to 256GB of memory

Email and SMS notifications

Single tenanted

Microsoft Excel add-in

Supported on major web browsers

Customisable Frontend

Database Connectivity

Automated Nightly Backups

Accessible Anywhere

Collaborative Platform

Pricing & Licensing

With MODLR Cloud’s competitive pricing, companies, large or small, can afford company-wide collaboration and enjoy the benefits of Connected Planning. Our Cloud pricing is billed monthly or annually and is based on:

A Modeller

The administration and developer role within the environment.

The first Modeller is always free.

An Analyst

This role allows users to design and modify reports or dashboards.

A Collaborator

A Collaborator user is the end-user which can only access deployed applications.

Cloud Instance

Each cloud instance is a resizeable, single-tenanted server, running our specialized data analytics engine.