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MODLR announces its release of financial planning & analysis cloud services to the Australian market

10th Apr, 2018
MODLR - The Corporate Performance CloudFor Immediate Release:
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MODLR looks to bring FP&A services back to Australia.

MODLR Pty Ltd, a cloud business modelling service, today announced its official launch to the Australian market. MODLR, started in 2014, has opened its doors to direct registrations and is offering a free entry level modelling plan.

MODLR provides a way to have thousands of people within a business, contributing to various aspects of a business planning model, commenting on variances and re-forecasting targets while adding up the plans to an executive level for reporting and feedback in real-time.

"Corporate Performance Management is still handled poorly within the majority of Australian businesses. " said Ben Hill, Managing Director. "Too much is completed on the back of a napkin or across a myriad of badly connected MS Excel workbooks. There is incredible value to be unlocked in performance reporting automation and collaboration on corporate plans. Until now, expensive software licences and unnecessarily complicated software has limited the resulting value."

Traditional modelling and planning using Excel is disconnected, overly complicated and far too manual for growing businesses. For efficient and effective planning, you need a solution that is centralised, multi-user and doesn't rely on spreadsheet cell-based formula.

"The MODLR implementation has resulted in more robust and accessible management information and has been integral in achieving improved efficiency across the finance function." - James Dunstan, Chief Financial Officer at CBH Resources - an early adopter of MODLR.

The product competes with a number of American financial planning and analysis platforms such as; IBM Cognos, Anaplan and Adaptive Insights. MODLR is one of only a few Australian developed and operated cloud solutions for corporate modelling and planning.

MODLR streamlines reporting and planning management processes, shortens reporting timelines and helps speed up decision making.

  • Financial results can be imported as regularly as each minute for near real time reporting across multiple data systems
  • Revisions to budgets, forecasts and scenarios can be achieved in real time.
  • Spot performance shortfalls and troubleshoot as they happen.
  • Business results and sales performance can be updated and reviewed on a daily or weekly basis, to suit your business needs.
  • Improve the accuracy of regular reporting eliminating data errors and human intervention.

MODLR helps you achieve speed and efficiency in Performance Management Systems and other business reporting for internal use.

Ben Hill, Managing Director - previously a seller and implementer of modelling software by IBM; "A driving factor for us at MODLR was that most of the big software vendors providing these modelling software services don't appear to be using it well for themselves. How can we trust their software to deliver the value for us, when it fails to, even for the companies that made it?"

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