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MODLR announces innovative new brand identity

16th Apr, 2019

MODLR has today revealed the new visual brand identity of the company logo, website, graphics, communications and correspondence. These changes reflect the company's growth, in terms of not only personnel and product capabilities, but also an expansion of global reach. This visual rebranding will be accompanied by an official Brand Launch Party to commemorate this landmark event in the company's history, as well as showcase the exciting new developments in our latest software release.

"Over the last year, MODLR has successfully diversified and scaled the breadth of its services, while reaching new global territories such as the Middle East, the United States of America, Eastern Europe and many more. The new visual brand identity and website mirror the modern innovation that the MODLR platform serves to its customers, as well as the fast-paced evolution of the company itself," states Ben Hill, Managing Director of MODLR.

Evolving from the previous MODLR cube design, the new logo signifies the collaborative values and the analytical precision that the MODLR cloud provides its clients. The subtle unfurling arrow that shapes the cube symbolises the flow of connection MODLR's unified platform creates within an enterprise, removing the laborious processes of model distribution and reconsolidation associated with traditional planning.

MODLR's newly-redesigned website features a sleek visual update. Navigation and transitions between information are smoother; with easy to follow pictorials, and simpler, to-the-point communications. The immersive new site highlights the expanded scope of the organisation as a whole. The scaled growth of MODLR is shown through the updated solution pages involving Management Reporting, Annual Budgeting and Management Scorecards; along with redesigned applications to industries such as Logistics, Retail, Resources, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Construction. The Our Story page has been restructured to feature the founder's journey to the origins of the MODLR innovation, as well as the Locations page establishing our new global office addresses.

"While MODLR has certainly evolved to better represent its rise as a leading contender in the Corporate Performance Management industry, as with the name, the essence and integrity of MODLR has remained intact,'' commented Matthew Turnbull, a Consultant for MODLR. "The new identity is seamless, professional, and innovative - words that not only reflect the services we provide, but also our core values here at MODLR."

About MODLR:

MODLR is a global provider of its proprietary multi-dimensional modelling platform capable of rapid business modelling and large-scale collaborative planning. From solution development, ERP and Excel integration, to Connected Planning for businesses, the MODLR software platform is innovative, ever-expanding and constantly evolving. With steady paced expansion in 5 cities and growing, MODLR delivers a wide range of expertise that facilitates business growth and connectivity.

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