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Automate your currency exchange processes with MODLR's new XE integration

7th Jul, 2020

MODLR's new XE integration now enables our clients to streamline their workload further; saving them time and money with MODLR's Robotic Process Automation technology. XE provides a currency data API, and if you hold an account with them, you can utilise this API to pull data to use within your database, tables, and cubes. The MODLR XE integration allows you to link this API, and use this data in real-time within your models. You can go further and automate your foreign exchange processes with real-time accuracy; schedule regular updates of the global currency exchange rates, or choose to manually view currency exchange information at any time with a click of a button.

Download here and test out the integration on the MODLR platform, sign up here for a free MODLR account.

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