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MODLR introduces new FTP functions to the CPM Cloud

21st Jul, 2020

MODLR, a business modelling and collaborative planning software company, has implemented new FTP process functions into its platform - further enhancing the Corporate Performance Cloud’s robotic process automation capabilities. Companies are now able to use MODLR to automate the transfer of files between servers, streamlining their data upload processes.

“Everything we do in MODLR should be done in a sustainable and automated manner. This further improves MODLR’s already vast library of data connectivity options for Robotic Process Automation”. - Ben Hill, Managing Director of MODLR, explaining how the new FTP functions add further value to the MODLR platform.

Pepper Group’s mission is to ‘help people succeed’. They do so under three operating principles of ‘Can Do’, ‘Balanced’ and ‘Keep it Real’ focusing on creating an authentic and natural connection with their clients, customers and staff.

“Adopting the MODLR platform for File Transfer will help us automate the management of our data flows between system servers and API’s. Working closely with the Modlr team, the custom FTP protocols were an exact fit for what we requested. By choosing MODLR FTP we can now eliminate extra software costs and dependencies while automating our workflow processes directly in MODLR”. - Grantham Good, Head of Group e-Finance of Pepper Global, on the value of MODLR’s new FTP functionalities.

“We have worked with MODLR for years now and it has always had great success with our customers. This is why we enthusiastically recommend them to all existing and prospective clients. With Pepper Global, in particular, we saw the opportunity to help them excel further in their people-centric approach, and the partnership came as a natural fit”. - Dominik Oryl, a consultant from Servitium.

Using the MODLR platform to gain accurate, real-time business insights, Pepper Group can tailor their high-level decisions and strategies around their customer service, customer engagement, lending schemes, and marketing initiatives, to build on and improve their people-centric approach.

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