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MODLR and Pacific Consulting Group Celebrate Strategic Partnership

30th Nov, 2020

30 November 2020 - SYDNEY 

This year MODLR is celebrating six years of partnership with Pacific Consulting Group (PCG), one of Australia’s leading boutique management consultancies. PCG’s deep management consulting experience and extensive offering together with MODLR’s innovative and unparalleled Corporate Performance Cloud, have proved to be highly valuable assets to the growth of both businesses.

To date, the partnership with PCG has resulted in the delivery of cutting-edge Corporate Performance Management solutions, enriched with PCG’s deep industry IP, into large-scale corporate clients and Government Business Enterprises (GBEs) around the world. MODLR is pleased to continue the partnership with PCG to help our clients solve increasingly complex business challenges by delivering future-proof and intelligent CPM solutions.

“I was personally blown away when I first began to understand the tight integration that MODLR offered across data, reporting, and planning. When we introduced it to our advisory and analytics leaders, the excitement was palpable”, PCG Managing Partner Christopher Kernahan says.

Ben Hill, Managing Director of MODLR, speaks on the continued partnership, “the synergies we’ve established with PCG over the past six years have been a powerful driver in delivering innovative Corporate Performance Management solutions to our clients to successfully streamline and automate their core business functions. We look forward to the exciting new prospects and opportunities our partnership will bring".

Combining a powerful and dynamic Corporate Performance Management engine and industry-leading consulting capabilities has allowed PCG to redefine management consulting. The partnership between MODLR and PCG has helped their clients to better respond to challenges, identify opportunities and deliver value. We look forward to continuing to work together to solve our clients’ most complex challenges. 

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