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MODLR and Rollup Consulting Announce Strategic Partnership

15th Dec, 2020

15 December 2020 - SYDNEY

MODLR and Rollup Consulting are pleased to announce they have joined together in a strategic partnership, to provide cutting-edge Corporate Performance Management Solutions for enterprises of all sizes in the Latam region. This partnership combines Rollup Consulting’s extensive expertise in delivering consulting and implementation services, with MODLR’s innovative Corporate Performance Cloud. In partnership, MODLR and Rollup Consulting will collaborate to deliver rapid, efficient software deployments, simplifying and automating key enterprise functions for their clients.

“We are excited to introduce an innovative and comprehensive solution for our customers in the Latam region. We are sure that MODLR will help companies in their digital transformation path to make faster and better decisions through data. With MODLR, companies will benefit from having access to a complete solution for their planning and budgeting needs at a price that makes sense for our region,” says Diana Galarza, Technology Director of Rollup Consulting.

"We are thrilled to work with Rollup Consulting to push the boundaries of Corporate Performance Management Software and implementation services. Our partnership presents an extensive number of exciting prospects for both organizations and we look forward to combining capabilities to help businesses transform their planning processes,” says Ben Hill, Managing Director of MODLR.

The partnership between Rollup Consulting and MODLR represents a new frontier of opportunities for both parties. Rollup Consulting's vast expertise in Corporate Performance Management platforms and long-standing experience in consulting combined with MODLR's dynamic Cloud Platform creates a powerful union to address the challenges of the global corporate market.

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